Bible Reader

bible_readerU R N-VITED

That’s cool text message.

Do you know that the Bible contains some of the oldest, most original text message ever? And guess who is the text messenger? You got it right -God.

The Bible contains a lot of great stories and wise words. It also contains song and poems, as well as comedies and dramas.

The point is: God has been sending us these text messages all along – even more consistently and a lot faster than my friend, Carl.

When we read the Bible or pray, we are actually responding to these text messages. Just so you know, technically, these text messages from God are called The Word.

In this section of the website, ‘Lil Ms. Bible Reader will form a team of bible readers and prayer reciters. Those who want to enlist as a bible reader or a prayer reciter for our website, contact ‘Lil Ms. Bible Reader, c/o FFF-Presentation.

The goal of this section of the website is to learn to respond to God’s Word and God’s invite. Ok, see yah…

Scripture Stories Come Alive: